Stock Inventory App

Why Does Your Warehouse Need a Stock and Inventory App?

Today in an era of online shopping and delivery, being able to digitally track and manage an inventory has become the backbone of any profitable business. No business can flourish without an efficient stock and inventory app. Every year, more than 80% of the customers report experiencing an “Out-of-stock” situation on an online store, which leads to disappointment and the loss of a sale for the retailer.  Globally, there are estimates that retailers suffer a loss of more than 1.5 trillion just because of inefficient inventory management.

With a stock and inventory app, gone are those days when people used to do manual bookkeeping to have a record of available stocks.

Inventory management can now be done conveniently with mobile devices. Stock inventory apps are designed to cater to the management needs of small, midsize and large businesses. The app gives you the freedom to manage your warehouse not only with the help of a barcode scanner but also with your smart phones. This means that you will be able to perform complex business tasks like optimizing inventory levels, managing multiple warehouses and maintaining customer relationships with your mobile phone. Having instant access to data at any time of the day is undoubtedly going to help you make better business decisions.

As you probably know, time is essential in inventory management as there are always deadlines.

A top-notch inventory management app can replace paper logging of product inventory, which in turn will facilitate quicker response to an input, instant alert when items require a re-order or a check and real-time analysis of stock levels.

Below are some basic features of stock inventory apps;

  • Barcode scanning
  • Slices
  • Custom Formats
  • Email Alerts
  • Quick Edits
  • Charts
  • NFC Tag scanning


How Stock inventory apps make stock inventory management easier.

  • Maintaining customer relationship

Another important function of the inventory apps is to keep track of customer’s data. As your customer base increases, you will need to have a way to accurately monitor their purchases, progress and so on. This, in turn, is going to help you tailor your marketing efforts towards the needs of your customers, plan ahead for changes in customers demand and provide discounts to match the unique preferences of clients.

  • Multiple warehouse management

Inventory apps create a window for small and large businesses to track their inventory across several locations while ensuring that each warehouse or store is well stocked with products needed by customers. Even more, warehouse managers can simply use their phones to check the status of important pieces of data, shipment and the status of orders.

  • Optimizing inventory levels

With new customer orders coming consistently and products cycling through your inventory, you should opt for an inventory app to maintain order and to stay on top of your fluctuation stock management system. Doing this will help in ensuring that you have the right amount of products at any given time.

  • Little or no training required

The good thing about stock management apps is that they are very easy to use. This means that you won’t have to spend long hours going through hundreds of pages to figure out how the app works.

  • Save time with bulk imports

With a stock inventory app, you will be able to store large amounts of inventory items from a spreadsheet. To make things even less complicated, you can use the simple CSV template when making bulk imports.

  • Keep tabs on stock value and quantity

Inventory apps allow users to keep track of stock value and levels on a daily basis. The app uses the average cost method to calculate the value of the goods you have in stock.  This makes it a must-have for wholesalers, service providers who sell retail items, and independent retailers.

  • Know your most profitable product lines

An inventory app can help you narrow down your bestselling product lines and see how much profits you’re making. You can use this information to make the right decision about how to price your products and what to order.

  • Attach documents to your inventory record

Inventory apps create a window for the user to add photos of inventory, which can serve as a visual reminder of the amount of stock that is available.

  • Create accurate invoices and quotes quickly

Inventory apps allow users to see the amount of stock that is available when invoicing or quoting. Also, prices and descriptions are entered automatically, so as to avoid typos and keep invoices and quotations consistent.

  • Use inventory items to reduce data entry

An inventory app will save you from spending endless hours on data entry.

What are the Types of Inventory Management Software?

  • Manually-managed inventory systems: these are simple stock management apps and they are ideal for small startups using fully paper-based inventory system initially. They are helpful in tracking a limited number of similar products. Complex calculations depend largely on the formulas inputted by the user, meaning that human-caused errors are likely to occur.


  • Barcode scanning systems: These types of inventory management systems are capable of processing a large number of products, and they store data generated from computerized cash registers and POS systems. The system also updates all incoming inventory instantly, meaning that that the ordering and purchasing information are readily available.


  • Advanced radio frequency systems: they are more complex than all other inventory management systems. But they ensure maximal efficiency and productivity of the inventory. They are ideal for large enterprises with thousands of orders to move on a daily basis as they automate warehouse control end-to-end.


Returning customers are the major reason behind the success of any business and customers come back if they receive excellent value for money. Having a stock taking app not only helps in delivering streamlined services to customers, it also ensures the delivery of accurate inventory, introduces a simplified process for locating the product and faster delivery of product to the end customer.

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For businesses who do not feel that they are facing issues with stock-taking, a stock inventory app is still crucial for your operations in the future.

Here are some reasons why:

5 Reasons to Take Up a Stock and Inventory App

  • Centralized Storage: Having too many stock locations make it very difficult to manage orders and direct products to the right customers. But when there is an adequate stock management app in place, tracking the availability of all products and services will become easier, and you will be able to deliver at the right time.


  • Easy stock management: Having an inventory management app in place will save your employees the time they would’ve spent on writing daily reports. The app will always give up-to-date information about the available stock at a glance.


  • Accurate planning and forecasting: inventory management apps allow you to plan ahead and become more proactive as they help in tracking the status of your products, providing trends for each product and determining the reorder level. With this information at your disposal, you can easily make an accurate forecast and plan ahead, ranging from sales, quantity demanded, and more.


  • Reduced cost: When there is an excess stock on ground, the business tends to lose more of its funds in storing and maintaining them. One way to curb this loss is to put a stock management app in place, which will help in tracking the amount of available stock so as to avoid excess stock or running into shortages.


  • In-time delivery: With an adequate stock management app, hitting delivery deadlines becomes very easy. You no longer need to keep your customers waiting for a longer period for them to receive their goods. Some advanced apps even involve the customers in the delivery process by giving prompt updates which allows them to track their product from the point of purchase to arrival point.


  • Better decision making: Inventory management systems provide you with the right information, reports, and stats you need to make a better decision.


Another point to consider: If you were a consumer, would you choose to buy from a retailer who offers same day shipping or the one who take 2-3 days to ship out the item? With stock-taking apps, same day shipping is possible but without a good system, it can take 1-2 days just to be in the waiting queue before the stock is actually dispatched from the warehouse.

In this manner, having good inventory management plays a big role in overall customer satisfaction.