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Sales apps are specially built to enhance sales by providing business-to-business (B2B) customers with a self-ordering feature, which allows them to browse the product catalogue, read product information, and submit orders right from their device.

There are many benefits that Sales Apps offer to business, here are 10 reasons why you should adopt one today.

10 Reasons to adopt a Sales and Self-Ordering Mobile App

  1. Increase Accessibility

Unlike the traditional sales method where customers need to visit a company physically before they can get their desired product, sales app make it possible for customers to make a purchase right from their home without having to spend extra time or incur extra cost in the process. Once they have the app installed on their phone, they can easily browse the available products and order for anyone they prefer. This information also encourages transparency of products and services which is good for your company in the long run, when customers can trust your brand for being transparent.

  1. Streamlining Real-Time Information

The last you want is your salesperson supposedly having sealed a deal but finds that the item is not in stock in the warehouse. In a fast-paced company with different departments, miscommunication is the last thing you want to happen for a supposedly confirmed deal to be lost.

With an online sales app, what the customer sees is the actual inventory stock and there is no room for miscommunication. Not only do you prevent a loss in sales, but you also streamline operations and both   your sales and inventory teams can spend that extra time on their main duties.

  1. Strengthens Customer Engagement

A sales app helps in eliminating any gap between you and your customers. It creates a direct marketing channel between your business and the customers, therefore allowing you to communicate with your customers in an effective way. With push and in-app notifications, you can easily update your customers with the latest updates, such as price changes, newly arrived products, new promo & offers, to mention a few. This will enable them to keep abreast of the latest information about your company and its offerings.

You can even give discounts or loyalty points to customers who have purchased with you frequently and encourage brand loyalty.

This increased visibility creates many ample opportunities for sales. Where in the past word-of-mouth was popular in giving a product viral status, today it is a 24/7 access of your catalogue coupled with customers sharing your products with their friends. If your product is well-liked by customers, it is sure to go viral very quickly and this will translate into an exponential increase in sales.

  1. More time for sales reps

When sales reps are busy attending to new customers, this reduces the time and effort they have to follow up with actual interested customers. It is also not easy to tell which customer is just asking for curiosity and which one is a warm lead, ready to convert.

When customers are given the ability to browse and self-order through the sales app, you save on the time needed to physically attend to every single customer. Now, sales reps would only need to entertain customers with an intention to purchase but wishes to find out more first. Hence, the sales rep’s effort and time is better focused on essential tasks.

Also, since the customers can easily order for their desired products through the app, not all customers will need to make an appointment with a sales rep. Compared to the past, a customer might be delayed so much while waiting for a sales rep to meet and explain the product, that he/she might be frustrated and eventually change his/her decision.

  1. 24/7 access to an electronic product catalogue

Beside having the convenience to directly order by themselves, another good reason to use a self-ordering app is that your customer has practically 24/7 access to your catalogue.

This enable your customers to easily order for any of these products at their own convenient time. They can read information about each products anytime of the day, and if it impresses them, a purchase is guaranteed.

For those who did not purchase, you can also customize your app to suggest other similar products, or to give promotional deals for them to check out the products they are interested in. This helps to keep your potential customers in the system and persuade them to check-out as soon as possible.

  1. Faster decision making

Real time access to your data allows you to access and keep track on different teams out in the field without having to wait for the end of the workday. Having this access to this real time data will allow you to be more informed and allows for a faster decision making.

  1. More accurate data

Replace all the error-prone manual processes with the online managed forms, allowing for more visibility and accuracy, resulting in a more accurate data being displayed instantly as soon as the order is placed, or the form is submitted. This thus allows you to track and manage all orders and quotes electronically anywhere and anytime.

  1. Automated workflows

With our platform, you can create automated workflows that allows you to manage stages of your project and keep your team updated of the progress at any point of time.

  1. Enhanced analytical components

Our platform helps to achieve more productivity by mining valuable data such as competitors, trends, products and services. It also can help to generate reports and charts based on market scenarios.

  1. Better customer management

As your customer base expands, maintaining your business customers becomes necessary. Our platform will assist you in create a database to help you keep track and view valuable data in a single place for future references and follow-ups.

In conclusion, the business world is highly competitive and one cannot keep using the traditional methods and strategies and still expect to remain competitive. Most of your competitors are already using some form of these apps. To stay ahead of the trend, you need to maximize your outreach in order to translate to sales. One cannot afford to restrict themselves to the old, boring method because you might soon lose your customers to the competing firms who decide to adopt such technology.