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Food Distributor

Food Distributor


Trendy Egg Distributor Pte Ltd

Corporate Details

One of the leading egg distributors in Singapore which has served 4000 clients to date.

“Transform enterprise mobility apps into sales tools and align sales process effectively”


There are too much manual processes in the organisation that had caused significant delay in the entire business process flow.  These manual work duplicates the same task across different departments, creating an inefficient workflow and wastage of resources. In a typical day, thousands of business documents need to be processed. Manually processing these documents has also causes human error and the risk of manipulation by the delivery personnel. When there are mistakes, retrieval and reconciliation will lower productivity. In addition, there is poor visibility of shop floor activities, stock preparation and replenishment, picking and packing of stocks and delivery route planning. Without accurate real-time business reports, critical business decision can’t be made too.


Trendy Egg decided to choose eMOBIQ™ as the platform to build their apps for the following functions: Van Sales, Cash Collection, Warehouse Transfer and Stock Take app. The Van Sales app allows the staff to take orders on the move and at customers’ locations through their mobile devices (iOS or Android). The Cash Collection app is a smart app that is has digital invoicing capabilities thereby eliminating the inconvenience of generating paper invoices. The Warehouse Transfer app allows them to track goods as they are transferred from one warehouse to another. Stock-taking also becomes easier to manage with the implementation of the Stock-take app. The apps can give real-time updates because it is directly integrated with Trendy Egg’s backend.


Trendy Egg has seen a significant increase in its staff’s productivity and efficiency. Most processes have been automated and employees now have less administrative work. Useful reports can be generated immediately on-demand and this has helped employees to make strategic decisions without making best guesses or having to request information from other departments or colleagues.  They are also viewed as a technologically forward company by their industry peers for being the first to adopt these mobility strategies.

Implementation Highlights

“Orangekloud consultants were very helpful and provided different mobility solution and tested the process flow patiently and refined the process together with us. The management provided a lot of support and dedicated resources to complete the project within a short implementation time frame.” – Mr. Teh.


  • Streamline and systemize business process
  • Automate Sales, Finance and Supply Chain process
  • Better customer service & dispute reduction
  • Increase overall productivity and revenue