Food Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing


Gardenia Foods (S)Pte Ltd

Corporate Details

A well-known bakery and leading household brand with 40 years history in Southeast Asia.


Gardenia handles a large volume of deliveries each day. The tasks of a deliveryman include taking orders, handling goods exchange and displaying products. It typically takes 20 to 30 minutes for the crew to complete a delivery because it has to wait for the outlet staff to verify product type and quantity. Inconsistencies often arise because Gardenia has 60 to 100 product types. Additionally, each deliveryman only sent the acknowledged paper invoices at the end of the day. This means Gardenia was not able to know the accurate number of goods and the exact location of their goods at any one time. A lot of time is wasted on paperwork.


Gardenia used our eMOBIQ™ platform and created a daily order sales app that is used by its delivery crew. The drivers are now able to quickly register the quantity of goods delivered to their customers and the head office is now able to have real-time clarity on the quantity of goods. Retailers can now also use their mobile devices to acknowledge that goods are received in good order. Delivery crew will generate a QR scan on the spot for the retailers to scan all the lines items will be uploaded to retailer’s portal seamlessly without any manual entry. Both Gardenia and the retailers now face less administrative problems.


After implementing the app, the time taken to complete a delivery is reduced by 10 minutes and a driver accumulates up to 5 hours in time savings. This means each delivery man can now cover more outlets per day or dedicate more time to ensuring products are displayed neatly or gather feedback on end consumers’ preferences. The administrative offices of both Gardenia and its customers also spend less time rectifying errors and settling disputes. End consumers are less likely to face having their favourite products stocked out and enjoy having their freshly baked loaves each day.

Implementation Highlights

“The implementation of the project with the Orangekloud has been outstanding and was implemented ahead of schedule — taking up far fewer hours than we had anticipated. Working with them has been an extremely pleasant experience as they were very easy to work with, very knowledgeable about the product, and most importantly aided with strategic decisions we had to make in order to establish the service. With the partnership of Orangekloud, we feel that we have elevated the industry standards for the daily deliveries of perishables and I look forward to

broaden the scope of our mobile strategies in our operations by introducing more Mobile-First experience with eMOBIQ™” -CIO of Gardenia, Ms. Tricia


  • Zero invoice discrepancy & 100% accuracy
  • Integrated to retailers’ and its own backend ERP in real time
  • Outlets coverage time reduce by 30% -40%
  • Go paperless
  • More outlet coverage per day