Futuristic Store Fixtures Pte Ltd


Corporate Details

A store fixtures specialist serving global retail clients with more than 700 employees and have served 7000 retail stores across 56 countries.

“Digital transformation and optimize business process with Enterprise Mobility App”


Futuristic manufactures furniture at scale and deliver the furniture to anywhere in the world  for assembly at clients’ stores. It needed a solution that can allow them to to track their products and enhance their work process. Employees find it tedious to do stock taking. There is also lack of insight on the production status of their manufacturing machines. A machine is usually underutilized as such. In addition, employees do not have the real-time data and thus could not make critical decisions immediately. Too many purchase order in a day also causes paper wastage and requires additional manpower for administrative work.


Futuristic chose eMOBIQ™ as the platform to build apps for the following functions: Purchase Order, Warehouse Transfer, Stock Take and Shop Floor Control. The Purchase Order app saves them the hassle of printing Purchase Orders and they could receive and check the POs with the app. The Warehouse Transfer app allows them to accurately track the transfer of their goods from one place to another while the Stock Take app makes it easier for staff to identify goods. Lastly, the Shop Floor Control app can maximise their machines’ productivity by allowing employees to manage and monitor the production indices of each manufacturing machine such as its start and stop times. These apps can also be directly integrated back to their backend ERP system – Microsoft Dyamics NAV.


After implementing the apps, Futuristic saw a tremendous increase in its productivity and efficiency. There is more time savings and inefficiencies in the work flow was rectified. Employees have a clearer picture of their stocks and can better plan their production schedules. Paper wastage was also reduced greatly with the conversion to digital invoices and this helps them to save both time and physical resources.


Implementation Highlights

Orangekloud staff were patient and put in a lot of efforts to understand the business processes when they were analysing Futuristics’ businesses. After that, a few mobility solutions were received to resolve the challenges and made the overall business processes more efficient and easier to execute.


  • Streamline and systemise business process
  • Cut cost and reduce wastage
  • Better customer service & dispute reduction
  • Increase overall productivity and revenue