Field Service

Field Service

Field Service


Traffic Plan (aka KMoorea Co.) is a full-service provider of traffic control services and equipment to utility companies, municipalities and private contractors throughout the Mid-Atlantic with headquarters in central New Jersey.


Irregularity and not up-to-date time sheets:  Their ever growing team of service crew (200+) has been using a manual method of recording time sheets of their services using pre-printed forms which will then be later reconciled and updated by data entry operators to the Acumatica Backend.

Inaccuracy and incomplete reports: The data entry operations could always result in errors due to data entry and in some instances when the possibilities of the crew not returning their timesheets on time resulted in incomplete reports and delays processing time sheets and payments.

No real-time visibility of the status of services: The Management never could have a real-time visibility and track the status of both the service crew and the services.


OrangeKloud developed a custom mobile app for offline field service.  This app will integrate with Acumatica through an interface jointly developed by NexVue and OrangeKloud.  The interface is a custom screen in Acumatica.  The app will collect data regarding a crew of two or more persons, who provide services at one or more locations in a calendar day for a single customer.  If the crew will perform services for multiple customers, then the app will need to manage multiple timesheets for that crew for a single calendar day.

The app will collect:

  • start and end times for services performed by the crew
  • location where services are performed (both by description and via GPS coordinates where available)
  • persons who performed the services
  • equipment used to perform services
  • attachments – photos, etc

The app will enable a seamless synchronization with Acumatica on a periodic basis.  The timesheet record is created in native Acumatica and that is downloaded on demand.  Along with the timesheet, other master data will need to be synchronized between the app and Acumatica:

  • employees
  • equipment
  • inventory
  • non-stock items
  • projects


This App will basically replace the full time (offline and online) version of the field service mobile application. It will work in all conditions, wireless, cellular or no connectivity. If there is traffic, the download will have to retry until its completed.

Service Crew can now perform their services assigned to them without a Wifi connection by downloading the required customer, equipment, project, inventory, non-stock items on their iPad devices

Service Crew can upload multiple pictures, PDF reports and customer signatures upon completing a work order the moment he gets Internet connection and integrate the service time sheet to backend without the need of data Entry operators.

Supervisors and managers will have a better visibility of the service crew and their locations via GPS coordinates as well the status of the assigned work orders including service crew, equipment and updated time sheet with supporting attachments.