How To Create a Mobile App with Zero Coding

A low-code/no-code development platform is a visual integrated development environment (IDE) that allows business end users such as small-business owners and office administrators who are not professional developers to build applications quickly. Such platforms utilize a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) app development approach. You can test your applications as you build and lower the risk of having to spend three months to build an application that may not do what you needed it to.

eMOBIQ™ Platform

Visual Development

At Orangekloud, our eMOBIQ™  platform is a visual modelling tool that makes it easy for you to import your databases and start building your application. You can easily create relationships and business logic with your data using drop down menus and page wizards.

Templates and Widgets

You do not have to be a designer to build your own app. Ready templates can be dragged into the modeler and you can start building your application without having to know CSS, HTML or other coding languages. Our wizard-driven approach and ready-to-use templates allow you to easily create your user interfaces. Customizing the look and feel of the app can be easily done by changing your inputs in the selection panel.

Pre-built ERP Connectors

You have a back-end system that is already in use and would need it to communicate with your mobile app for operational efficiency. Any gaps in information between the two systems will diminish the utility of having an app. With eMOBIQ™, our connectors are ready-built and it’s as simple as a drag-and-drop for you to connect your back-end systems to the app.

Creating Business Logic with Wizards and Drop Down Menus

Your app needs to do more than just allowing your users to see your product catalogue. You will need perform calculations, integrate your data, etc. Our flow function wizards provides the step-by-step framework for you to build what you need. If you are a business end-user, our modeler gives you visual signposts to start building your first app. If you already are an expert developer, our platform gives you the berth to quickly change the functions as business rules change.

Improved technologies have eliminated the need to write rows and rows of codes and business end users can have a stake in designing how your technological tools should perform. There is more room for synergy between technology and business processes a mobile app development platform can be the first place for you to test your newly-found development skills.