The Revolutionary Identity
Authentication Method

The beauty of iSTAMPZ™ is its design for any mobile and existing software, using any NFC mobile device or NFC card reader to perform any authentication.

Integrated to eMOBIQ™

iSTAMPZ™ is integrated with eMOBIQ™ – Our enterprise mobility platform which allows you to create enterprise mobile apps easily with its drag & drop functions.

B2B and B2C Market Potential

The iSTAMPZ™ invention is perfectly adaptable for business-to-business environments and business-to-personal environments. It is simple to use, affordable and done in digital format, hence reduces paper usage. Today, mobile devices are becoming legitimate tools in business and under the predictions of IDC that in 2020 the number of Corporate Mobile App worldwide will reach 2.6 billion (41.2% of the total workforce). The development of such corporate software is a response to this trend. Using eMOBIQ’s no-code RMAD platform, it will be your key to building a smarter and faster corporate mobile apps for your business. Once the app is developed and deployed correctly, it will not only translate into increased efficiency, but also improves customer care and creates a positive image towards business partners.

Logistics & Distribution

Reduce dispute case; Electronic delivery order with 3FA security process reduces probability fraud


Carry electronic device with all delivery orders; Eliminate disputes on wrong deliveries

Professional Service

Carry lesser documents; Immediate customer endorsement on service log sheet

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