Digital Signature


The Revolutionary Identity Authentication Method

The beauty of iSTAMPZ™ is its design for any mobile and existing software,
using any NFC mobile device or NFC card reader to perform any authentication.

Integrated to eMOBIQ™

iSTAMPZ™ is integrated with eMOBIQ™ – Our enterprise mobility platform which allows
you to create enterprise mobile apps easily with its drag & drop functions.

B2B and B2C Market Potential

The iSTAMPZ™ invention is perfectly adaptable for business-to-business environments and business-to-personal environments.
It is simple to use, affordable and done in digital format, hence reduces paper usage.

Logistics & Distribution

Reduce dispute case; Electronic delivery order
with 3FA security process reduces probability fraud


Carry electronic device with all delivery
orders; Eliminate disputes on wrong deliveries

Professional Service

Carry lesser documents; Immediate customer
endorsement on service log sheet