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    App Name: OrangeKloud Offline Field Service Mobile Application for Acumatica
    Developed in : eMOBIQ – OrangeKloud’s No-Code Application Development Platform
    Purpose or Intent: Built specifically for Acumatica Field Service technicians who would lose Internet Connectivity while attending to their Service Appointments
    Remarks: Sold as an ISV certified Solution to Acumatica Partners and Users
    Development Team: OrangeKloud

    Use Case Scenario and Process Flow for OrangeKloud Offline Field Service App Demo
    Scene: A&S Electricals Inc. office


    Customer: Mr. Miller
    Service Coordinator: Ms. Lee
    Technician: Mr. Jones


    Customer Call: Mr. Miller calls A&S Electricals Inc. to report a malfunctioning air conditioning unit at his office.
    Service Request Recording: Ms. Lee answers the call and logs Mr. Miller’s issue in Acumatica Field Service Module in the back office. She creates a Service Order with details like customer information, equipment type, problem description, and desired service date.
    Appointment Scheduling: Ms. Lee checks Technician availability and assigns the Service Order to Mr. Jones, who is closest to Mr. Miller’s location and has relevant expertise.
    App Download and Data Sync: Mr. Jones, back at his workshop, opens the OrangeKloud Offline Field Service App on his mobile device. He syncs master data (customer details, equipment manuals, spare part information) and his assigned appointments for the day.
    Service Visit: Mr. Jones travels to Mr. Miller’s office and checks the air conditioning unit.
    He uses the app to:
    a) Access Mr. Miller’s information and Service Order details.
    b) Track his location and estimated arrival time.
    c) Record notes and findings during the inspection.
    d) Order spare parts (if needed) directly from the app.

    Service Completion: Mr. Jones repairs the air conditioning unit and records the details of the work done (including time spent, materials used) in the app. He also takes pictures of the completed work for future reference.
    Data Synchronization: Back at his workshop, Mr. Jones syncs the app data with Acumatica.

    This updates the Service Order with:
    a) Service completion status.
    b)Detailed report of findings and actions taken.
    c) Time and materials tracking information.
    d) Photos of the completed work.
    e) Service Report with Customer digital signature and saved as a PDF report

    Customer Communication: The completed Appointment/Service Order is synced back with internet connectivity to the back office (Acumatica). She contacts Mr. Miller to confirm the repair and inform him of the next steps (warranty information, invoicing).

    Demo Highlights:

    Seamless integration with Acumatica: data flows effortlessly between the app and Acumatica, saving time and minimizing errors.
    Offline functionality: the app’s ability to work even without internet connectivity, ensuring technicians can complete tasks efficiently even in remote locations.
    Mobile accessibility: the app’s user-friendly interface and intuitive functions on a mobile device.
    Enhanced productivity: the app helps technicians record data quickly and accurately, reducing paperwork and boosting efficiency.
    Improved customer service: the app enables real-time communication and updates, enhancing customer satisfaction.

    For a Demo of the App contact for more details

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