Field Service Solution

Field Service Solution

Orangekloud’s field service solution can mobilize and modernize you field service operations quickly and move away from a paper-based environment. With real-time access to information and applications that can work even when offline, Your field workers can deliver better customer service and productive without having to return to office to submit records.


Field service Management App

With our field service management app, technicians are able to view work order details
and record data to complete the work orders.

Add items and Equipment

Record billable items or equipment used for job

Print Functionality

Print orders with the use of additional invoices.

Cash Collection

Collect cash payments form clients on the spot

Pending orders

view assigned orders and related job order details

Take Photo

Take photos before and after job

Digital Time Stamp

Digital time stamps automatically appended to job details

Assigned Route

View assigned route for the day.

Other Apps