Field Sales App

Field Sales App

Field Sales App

Orangekloud’s Field Sales App is an integrated solution between an ERP system and Mobile that allows sales personnel /drivers to perform sales activities. Routing is planned and configured in the ERP system. Using the app, they can take orders for customers, deliver goods, check the inventory, issue invoices, collect payment for the outstanding invoices and creation of Sales Returns. All the transactions are seamlessly connecting to the backend ERP. Order taking can be performed in both Offline and Online modes. At the end of the day, they can perform activities from their mobile like stocktake, transferring back stock to the main warehouse, and reconcile the actual cash collection as well as cheque collection against the daily sales report available in the app before submitting the cash collection back office. Cash receipt journals will be auto-generated and applied against the invoices in the backend ERP. With Orangekloud’s Field Sales App, your business processes can be simplified and your business efficiency is increased.


Field Sales App

Getting your fresh foods and daily staples to the supermarket and stores can be a logistically challenging process that is prone to errors. With Orangekloud’s Mobility solutions, your delivery van sales and, sales or pre-sales personnel can work more effectively. the solutions simplify the delivery process, can be integrated with your back-end systems and allows your fields staff to make real-time decision on the spot.

Optimize your sales and delivery solutions for real-time inventory today.

Generate Receipt / Sign on screen

Client can acknowledge receipt of goods digitally.

Balance stock (On vehicle)

Tally balance stock number on vehicle

Assigned Route

View assigned route for the day.

Cash Collection

For staffs to record cash transactions handled.

Customer list

view information, orders and payments associated with customer

Self-Ordering Functionality

Clients can now order directly and prevent miscommunication

Vehicle stock Load

Register daily stock loaded on to vehicle

QR code Generator

QR code Generated for easy transmission of data to other party

Sales order (issues/exchange/net items)

log in stock issued, exchanged and tally net quantity of items.

Daily Vehicle closing Summary

Retrieve daily sales figures, stock numbers and payment figures

Logistics (Outlet/Warehouse)

Track logistics of delivery and mobile warehouse


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