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Digitally Transform Your business processes with Orangekloud mobile app

Deploy and get Immediate Results! Instant Insight into your Business

OrangeKloud mobile apps are cost effective, easy to use, and have an immediate impact

Field Sales App

Increase your team's sales productivity and profitability!

OrangeKloud Field Sales Mobile App will automate your sales processes, give real time updates on prices and stocks, and effortlessly manage cash collection.

Our intuitive and easy to learn interface makes it effortless for your team to adopt in minutes.

Van Sales App

Improve your van sales team productivity

With OrangeKloud Van Sales Mobile App, your sales team can have more face time selling to customers.

Sales orders and collections are updated directly to ERP.

Get REAL-TIME UPDATES on sales and collection performance. No more delayed and outdated performance reports.

Customer Self Order App

Make it easy for customers to place orders with you

With OrangeKloud Customer Self Order App, customers are able to issue purchase orders from their mobile phones.

Customer’s orders are posted seamlessly to ERP, removing duplication of efforts and errors caused due to manual processes.

Warehouse Management App

Simplify Warehouse Management Processes with the OrangeKloud Warehouse Mobile Application

The OrangeKloud Warehouse Management mobile app for ERP, assists warehouse workers to complete warehouse tasks efficiently using a mobile device. It connects directly to your ERP supply chain management environment and enables workers to complete material handling, receiving, picking, put away, inventory and stock counting, from the warehouse floor.

Delivery Mobile App

Automate end-to-end Logistic processes with the Last Mile Delivery Mobile Application

TThe OrangeKloud Delivery mobile app for ERP facilitates efficient and effortless order management with prompt and hassle-free delivery of items to the last mile. Pre-assigned routes, drivers, customer priority and schedules enables a paperless and timely order fulfilment with the ability to collect payment through different payment methods

Field Service App

Relieve your field service engineers from the burden of paperwork and manual transactions.

The OrangeKloud Field Service App will enable your team to focus on field servicing works while the app seamlessly updates the status of technicians’ schedule, billable time and work effort to your ERP

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