Universities Alliance Programme and Partnership

This opportunity will enable IHL’s to create a new community of Mobile Application Developers and Entrepreneurs to cater to the growing demands of the Industry in this new Digital economy.  Development of Enterprise Mobile Apps solution templates for the Corporate/Companies by the students, mobile developers along with the mentoring of the IHL IT Faculty and Orangekloud Expertise to fulfil the Internship and Work Integrated Learning experience. Added to these, students of IHL will get this opportunity with a career roadmap towards Enterprise Android and iOS mobile Apps Development.

Prelude: We will be happy to present to both your Staff and Student Cohort on the growing importance of Rapid Mobility Apps Developers for Android and iOS and the impact it plays on Student Career. Can even do a mini workshop involving the Faculty and Students to see for themselves how relevant their skills can be honed as a Business Mobile Apps Developer.

First Step: What we want from your end is to equip 2 or 3 of your chosen IT Faculty to undergo a structure blended Learning with Online + Instructor + Project Mentoring on learning to develop powerful B2B Mobile Apps with No Coding.

Second Step:  Trainers will then Train the students  and we and our ecosystem of partners will create projects at Companies where the students along with Faculty and Orangekloud Subject Matter Experts will guide and help students deploy their projects – Corporates will provide stipends to the students taking part in these projects.

What is in it for IHL?:

  • pioneer the initiative to create Work integrated Learning experience for the cohort of students – Related Learning will be transferred as skills on the Job during Internship projects.
  • responsible for creating an eco-system of young Citizen Developers and Digital Entrepreneurs
  • create additional revenue through the sale of innovative B2B Mobile App solutions/templates which can even sold in the marketplace
  • through the students can create Business Apps for Internal Use
  • can earn a 20% Referral fee on each eMOBIQ™ License that the corporate / company deploying the App

What is in it for Orangekloud?

  • Branding and more subscribers to use the NO-CODE Rapid mobile Apps. development tool – eMOBIQ™
  • Train the Trainer up to 3 Trainees.  We will offer a 100% rebate if you find the whole exercise futile.
  • 80% on License Fee when the Customer deploy the Mobile Application the balance 20% will offered as a Referral incentive to IHL
  • An opportunity to create a Centre of Excellence and Innovation in each campus and create a fresh supply of talent pool to meet current Industry demands for Mobile Applications.


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