The Ball & Chain of Construction

The software industry had evolved tremendously to meet the challenging demands. Adopting sophisticated BIM solutions had been a mainstream drive for the industry. With mobile apps, we are able to provide a centralized, controlled, integrated and collaborative communication.

Solution between construction sites, backend operation and logistic. This greatly reduce additional cost incurred for urgent delivery arrangements, while accurate material management on-site prevent project delays.

Breaking the Chain

Our warehouse mobile app is fully integrated to backend ERP and WMS solution for

Good receiving operation

Put away and pick/pack operation

Stock taking

Stock transfer

On-site good receiving

Stock requisition (Materials & equipment)

Item management (Staff equipment)

Stock taking

What Our Clients Say

Mr. Lewis

Project Manager (FMCG)

“It was a strategy that we think it will not work at first because we are worry about the latency of our employees, however Orangekloud has help developed a very simplified APP for our users and it integrate seamlessly back to our MS Dynamics which improves our operation efficiency.”

Ms Tricia

Chief Financial Controller (FMCG)

“With the increasing demand of putting our fresh bake loaf on every shelves in our customer outlets, I am glad to have a simple app designing platform for us to transform our delivery process into a painless yet powerful unique app that integrates seamlessly back into our back-end system; and customer’s system ”

Mr. Bob

Managing Director(Field Service)

“The solution helps us to redesign entire workflows and job scope for our business. No more loss of paper document, manual paperwork and miscommunication for employees. Our field technicians has a clear visibility of their daily schedule.”

Ms. Tang

Project Manager(Construction)

“Speed is a deciding factor in our warehouse operation and we needed something that is mobile hence Orangekloud has reached out to us and offer us eMOBIQ™ and the results were amazing though we have issues during our implementation but their team are very committed to our success…”