Warehouse Solutions

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Warehouse Solutions

In the delivery of food supplies, having a Warehouse App is crucial as you not only need to track stocks coming in or going out, but also the exact amount and the total stocks left. Without a good application to assist you, such processes can easily go wrong and affect your delivery to your retailers.

Orangekloud’s Warehouse App is equipped with QR Code and Bar Code reader, and you can create supply records, track goods shipped in and shipped out, make quick pick lists and much more.

With this, warehouse managers will be able to manage and carry out stock-take efficiently, especially to those managers who have several warehouses under their charge.

Stock-taking will be more manageable when you have a Stock Take App that can track, manage and locate your various stock quickly and accurately instead of the traditional record keeping on paper. Being able to stock-take using technology will also save your management many man-hours as compared to having the needs to perform a physical stock count.

Warehouse App

Stock inventory (Outlet/warehouse)

Retrieve stock figures at a particular outlet or warehouse

Stock Tracking (Warehouse)

Retrieve stock figures at an outlet or warehouse

Stock Taking (Warehouse)

Count the total stock at a warehouse instead of manual counting

Stock Pickup (Warehouse)

Coordinate stock pickups from warehouse to staging area to prepare for delivery.