The eMOBIQ® Advantage

Rapid Mobile Application Development Platform (RMAD) for Enterprise-grade Mobile Apps
eMOBIQ® is designed for enterprises. With eMOBIQ®’s Smart Enterprise Connector® (SEC) and Ready-to-use Components Library, you can easily connect to any Web Application, CRM system and Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) with SOAP and Rest API.
Building sophisticated mobile applications empowered with backend integrations using drag-and-drop UI, ready-made templates, workflow, object modelling and business logic functions.

Visual Development
With eMOBIQ® Visual Logic Flow® (VLF), you can view, edit, add functions and pages using logic diagram and workflow which enables ease and efficiency of app development and optimisation. Complex logic flow can be modelled and tested with ease.

Now everyone can build apps quick and easy with no-code. You can create powerful mobile apps with eMOBIQ® without the need of coding. Just drag-and-drop, your app is ready. With No-code, the risk of code injections is mitigated during app building. Building safer apps with eMOBIQ® no-code 10x faster.

Secure eMOBIQ® Enterprise App Store® (EAS)
Source code and applications are store on eMOBIQ® Enterprise App Store® (EAS). Compiled apps (Apk, Ipa) are published in a private and secure environment.

Fast Deployment
eMOBIQ®’s Unified Development Centre® (UDC) enables developers to build, preview and debug for iOS and Android devices. By providing one-click app publishing in our secure eMOBIQ® Enterprise App Store® (EAS), the time to market is drastically shortened.
eMOBIQ® enable DEVOPS methodology and empowers smarter app development to support the ever-changing operational requirements.

Low Maintenance Cost with Lifetime Free Update
With active subscription you will enjoy a lifetime Free update. When Apple and Google update or release new OS versions, eMOBIQ® stays updated to the change. Your mobile apps will always be compatible with future versions of iOS and Android. App maintenance has never been so hassle-free.

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