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A low-code/no-code development platform is a visual integrated development environment (IDE) that allows business end users such as small-business owners and office administrators who are not professional developers to build applications quickly. Such platforms utilize a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) app development approach. You can test your applications as you build

Most enterprises recognize the value of having a mobile workforce by implementing mobile-first strategies and BYOD policies. However, some enterprises have had difficulties in the implementation of their mobility initiatives with most citing time, resources and a lack of competencies as top reasons why they have failed to implement a coherent mobility strategy for their

We are offering unlimited use of our Acumatica Offline Sales Order App for 1 year to all Acumatica VARs. Free eMOBIQ™ platform support for a limited number of VARs. Ideal for field sales and delivery personnel on the road with limited or intermittent access to the internet. Dream it, build it, realise it!

Gartner predicts that, by 2020, using a combination of tools including app and desktop virtualization, workspace aggregators and responsive design, workers will have access to a unified workspace. We define “unified workspace” as a digital compute environment that allows for continuous experience across the devices and platforms that users access throughout the day. By integrating