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OrangeKloud Offline Mobile Applications for Acumatica Users

Acumatica Cloud ERP is one of the fastest growing ERPs cementing its place as a leader among Cloud ERPs in Gartner® Magic Quadrant. OrangeKloud is a global ISV of Acumatica and we have established our presence within the Acumatica Partner Eco-system for the Offline Mobile Application capabilities.

Acumatica Field
Service Users

When the typical Acumatica Mobile App User transacts in an ideal real-world scenario, the well-engineered Acumatica ERP App enables the Field users to access data in real-time mode, with instant updates reflected in the Acumatica ERP backend system. However, when the App works in remote locations where the user loses internet connectivity, he loses all access to the data that he would refer for his transactions from Acumatica ERP thereby resulting in all transactions coming to a halt, causing major interruptions and loss of continuity of services.

This is when the OrangeKloud ISV Apps save the day and enable users to maintain uninterrupted services to continue their jobs like they normally would with the Acumatica real-time Mobile App.

Seamless Data Synchronization and Convenience

Our Offline Solutions help Field Service Technicians, Sales, and Remote Field Users to continue their services in an uninterrupted manner by referring to all the required Master and transactional data downloaded locally on their respective Mobile Devices (Smart Phones or Tablets).

At the conclusion of their respective transactions recorded on their local device, not only are they able to continue recording their transactions offline, like attaching images and documents required for their transactional purposes but also being able to create pdf reports with customer sign offs, all of which can be uploaded either manually or automatically when the Internet connectivity is re-established.

OrangeKloud ISV Solutions for Acumatica ERP

Seamless Offline Productivity

Work offline without internet access, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

Effortless Data Download

Download appointments and associated data, including Master Data Records and appointment history.

Instant Appointment Creation: Flexibility On-the-Go

Create new appointments instantly in an offline setting for increased flexibility.

Comprehensive Recording: Details at Your Fingertips

Record various details, such as services, non-stock items, inventory items, comments, and instructions.

Travel Time and Image Capture: Visual Documentation

Capture travel times and attach images to appointments, staff profiles, and logs.

Efficient Staff and Equipment Management

Easily manage service staff, equipment, expenses, and activities on the go.

Seamless Attachments and Purchase Orders

Include attachments and vendor purchase order information.

Service Reports with Customer Sign-off

Generate Service Reports with customer sign-off directly from the Mobile App.

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