About Us

About Orangekloud

As a company we are dedicated to the long term success of our customers and their deployment of our solutions. We are proud to be an industry leader in the provision of customised, agile environmental software and mobile solution platforms. Our enterprise mobile solutions are suitable for any industry across the world.

We draw from multiple years of experience and expertise in the ERP industry and have helped partners and customers create customised mobile enterprise applications to help achieve the bottom-line results they are looking for. Our enterprise mobility products can be seamlessly integrated with major ERP systems. As a result, we make your ERP system work much harder for you.

  • Domain expertise on enterprise mobility solutions for specific industries.

  • Our product allows you to execute your mobility strategy within weeks.

  • Realise immediate cost savings through rapid improvements in business processes.

  • Empower your employees to fulfil job functions remotely.

  • Provide superior customer service and user experience.

  • Future-proof information delivery with advanced smart devices.

  • Bring Your Own Device policies while allowing users to choose device/ platform

Join Us As A Partner

In Orangekloud, we believe collaboration with partners will strengthen customer acquisition and loyalty. Together we will connect to a new set of opportunities by taking advantages of technological resources that will help build your expertise
and grow your business.

What do you need to execute a successful Digital Transformation strategy?

 Leadership and Culture

 Employee resistance and lack of management support are one of the largest reasons why organizations file to adopt change programmer. Change programmers cause discomfort and drastic change to the type of work people do. It is thus important that a team with the an adoption team be set up that will push for changes. In our experience, the team should be deliberately kept small to avoid miscommunication and the delays typical of large teams. With an Orangekloud trainer, you can quickly learn to build and develop the app to show results and justify the push for more changes.
Who should be on your team?

Business and IT 

Business and IT should work closely together. It is important that the projects deliver
business value and for users to accept the innovations. A high user involvement with constant feedback at the start
of the project helps to clarify initially unclear requirements.